Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Truly Classic!!

This is so amazing! I have not watched this in along time! but every time you see it it gives you nothing but chills! these are moments captured in time and those who were there were blessed to be around such women of  strength, grace, wisdom, courage! to have heard the stories of the things they had to overcome and endure and all while keeping their heads high ! somewhere deep don inside they knew of a generation that had yet to be born! that would be able to do the things they saw only in their dreams! to know women of the past who had to endure things not even the human mind could fathom! and to see such a woman as Oprah honoring those that went ahead speaks so much then mere words can say! to know that a woman another African American woman had the honor to do so is so moving and powerful! you can feel the energy and the spirit of those 3 what had to be an amazing moments! filled with love , honor and respect! this will be Timeless! many of these women are  gone now! and what a rare moment it had to be to hear the words of such Love flow from so many before their passing! You don't have to be a woman in these various fields to be honored! that is something we can do with the women in our lives everyday! we may not be able to do it on this grand scale! but it's moving none the less to see someone who could. and end the end if having money is only to heap on to yourself what is that anyway! having money is all about being a blessing! and passing the blessings on. Truly a moment in time!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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