Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fellow crafter

If you know me well! you know that I love all things crafty! I was doing a google search and came across this young lady who happens to live in Miami Florida! how cool is that:) well here's a little info about her!

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you are here reading my “About” page! Must mean you are interested in learning a little about me and a lot about Damask Love.
Damask Love is a crafting blog committed to sharing inspiration and instruction with DIY gals worldwide, no matter their level of experience! Like you, I’m an avid DIY-er, but all too often I find myself intimidated by tutorials around the web. Here at Damask Love, I hope to inspire even the newest crafters to dive into the doability of DIY! Each time you visit Damask Love I want you to feel welcomed and excited about getting creative and making something!
Born on January 25, 2011, Damask Love began as a place to share my love of cardmaking & stamping. Today, you’ll find posts that feature cardmaking, stamping and so much more, like recipes, DIY entertaining ideas, home decor projects, gift packaging, product reviews and interactive posts where I’ll answer your most frequently asked questions about crafting.
On top of that, Damask Love includes several awesome services to boost your creativity. Enveloped is a monthly handmade card subscription program that will help build your stationery stash for those last minute occasions. CraftingSocial is a local crafting party service where you’ll receive live instruction and leave with a few handmade projects of your own.
Before I go, how about a little scoop on who I am? My name is Amber Kemp-Gerstel and Miami, Florida is home (though I’ll always have a soft spot for my SF Bay Area stomping grounds!). By day, I am a child psycholgist, but once the workday is done, you can find me crafting like a madwoman. Some of my loves include colorful shoes, egg salad on pumpernickel and late night reruns of 1980’s sitcoms (Golden Girls, anyone?)
And with introductions complete…craft is now in session!
P.S. Is this your first visit to Damask Love? Take a trip to The Library where you’ll find tons of resources, links & tutorials to get your creative journey started

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