Monday, May 2, 2011

my thoughts Monday

Just a thought for this time of recession it makes you take stock in the things you thought you could not live without!What i thought i needed was just a want ! and what i wanted i could create.Maybe i can't afford that ipad2 like i would want but i can create a journal send a letter to a friend pick up the phone to say hello!! i love all the techie gadgets!! but sometimes the things that advance us ends up seperating us in the long run and we lose touch in daily interactions with our loved ones.Kids are learning the only way to communicate now is though a cellphone,computers,texting,but with all this it has brought stress!! unnecessary comparisons to what others have that you don't.Thinking you need that new hd tv that new blu-ray disc etc! sometimes we just need to unwind from it all and connect to one another.Funny how i'm doing this now by computer but i could just do the same in a letter go to kinko's make some copies and send it off to who i would want to read this LOL!!.Not trying to be preachy but making a point mostly to myself.sometimes the greatest gift we can give the ones we love is not the new It!! thing but the gift of time!! a hug, a phone call even a walk around the myself some ideas!! just need to get back to the basics of life and realize what's really imporatant:))

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