Thursday, April 21, 2011

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! this was the Jam back in the day used to hear the kids blaring this @ the apartment complex we used to live @ growing up!! I was always drawn to this video cause i loved Black & white and the set up of her in the studio doing it all on her own always made me wonder how she did all that? I had no idea that women could be writers,record producers ,audio engineers,etc all I knew was I loved music loved this song & video to death!! never even knew about Full Sail who knew that would be me one day??:) you never stopped hearing it play from sun up to sun down on the radio! if you live in florida and are old school like me Holla! if you remember Bj105 that was the station back in the day!! most of my memories always lead back to music just don't know how life would be without it.

you will have to copy & paste to see this video
Jane Child don't want to fall in love

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