Sunday, April 24, 2011

funny story

I need 2 blog more cause so many funny things like this happen and you want to past it on fb but you run out of room! So today after church we went home some of us wanted to rest but ! person who wanted to ear out who shall remain nameless! for now wante dto eat out! shoul dhave planned better thi s time but anyway:) we went out with the intent to go 2 Cheesecake factory but the person who was going to pay left the money home! so we had to go to another place but they were closed as last but not least we went all the way home and went out to Cracker Barrel!

We had a wonderful!! waiter named Dan who was so nice not one ounce of attitude just had such a nice spirit! about him.after all that running around it was like a God wink just to let us know there are still nice people out there with a servants heart!:))

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