Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost there!

Staying up late tonight to watch all the footage! I have not gone crazy! as others have but we will be watching it all and this time with my niece:) it's sad in away that Princess Diana won't be there but they will honor her in spirit!!!:) So it's almost Time!! Hope it lives up to all the hype! can't wait to see the dress:)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cute little House

Cute little house and for a good price as well.1 can dream!:))

My dream room Monday

My style monday

Fuchsia dress
275 GBP -

D&G stiletto heel shoes
$350 -

Scarf 'Sunforest'
125 EUR -

Music Monday

Meditate Monday!

The life-long learner has mastered the important lesson of carefully distinguishing between those things that belong on their path and those that do not. Crystal-clear about their specific goals and objectives, they continue to adapt them due to the constant change that surrounds and accompanies them. While certain aspects of their quest seem to be falling apart, at the same time greater aspects are coming together.

Movie monday history

I was looking at a few websites for upcoming projects that I'm working on.And i typed in history about green screens and I found out the name of the man who invented it his name was Larry Butler and the first movie was the Thief Of Bagdad! it has come along way since then but when people first saw this movie you wonder what they thought?:)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Word 2 the wise

Resist! the tempatation 2 shine before it's your time!
So many times in our lives as we try to move foward in life we can hear the whispers of our past mistakes! and failures! and things we would not even want our loved ones to know about us.even things many struggle in life with when we leave out the doors of the church we may battle and think and say If God only knew could he would he Love me in the state I'm in and the answer is Yes!! no matter where you are never to far from his reach.Nothing can ever seperate you from his love nothing just know there's nothing you could ever will ever do 2 make him stop loving you!:))

Fred Hammond says it best here in this song!:))
like i always say for my spell nazi friends you get my drift!!:))

funny story

I need 2 blog more cause so many funny things like this happen and you want to past it on fb but you run out of room! So today after church we went home some of us wanted to rest but ! person who wanted to ear out who shall remain nameless! for now wante dto eat out! shoul dhave planned better thi s time but anyway:) we went out with the intent to go 2 Cheesecake factory but the person who was going to pay left the money home! so we had to go to another place but they were closed as last but not least we went all the way home and went out to Cracker Barrel!

We had a wonderful!! waiter named Dan who was so nice not one ounce of attitude just had such a nice spirit! about him.after all that running around it was like a God wink just to let us know there are still nice people out there with a servants heart!:))

What it's all about

Had a wonderful day @ church with the family! Just knowing what this day has been all about let's you know what it's not!.Yes we get excited about the dresses the suits,and most of all the Easter Baskets filled with all that candy inside that kids just can't resist! but after all the candy has been eaten and the pretty dresses and suits have been put away and arguments over the choice to eat out or eat in has ended the house gets quiet and you just sit for awhile and it all comes back to you what this day was all about!:)I pray all had a wonderful day in celebration of the only one who will ever make a real change in all our lives:)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! this was the Jam back in the day used to hear the kids blaring this @ the apartment complex we used to live @ growing up!! I was always drawn to this video cause i loved Black & white and the set up of her in the studio doing it all on her own always made me wonder how she did all that? I had no idea that women could be writers,record producers ,audio engineers,etc all I knew was I loved music loved this song & video to death!! never even knew about Full Sail who knew that would be me one day??:) you never stopped hearing it play from sun up to sun down on the radio! if you live in florida and are old school like me Holla! if you remember Bj105 that was the station back in the day!! most of my memories always lead back to music just don't know how life would be without it.

you will have to copy & paste to see this video
Jane Child don't want to fall in love

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I love Independent films the one no one knows all that much about except for you and a few close film nerds!.Just saw this short by way of utube of course.The only thing i object to is the choice words the 2 kids used in the film other then that a nice little short! hope you enjoy!!

Flashback Friday!!!!!!!!!

Stevie & Chaka FABOO!!:))

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Talent!!

I want to give a shout out!! to Kyrstal Frazier who posted on her fb page about this new & upcoming artist! I hope she continues 2 keep it real:))

Quiet time

Not waiting for the weekend? slowing down to read a good book or sip on your favorite tea or hot chocolate or another great book you got on ...