Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sometimes you can get so busy and overwhelmed with life that you forget to blog.I neeed to post more so you all can keep coming back.Recently an oppurtunity presented itself to me and I did not move foward because of self doubt about money issuses not thinking i would not have enough cause i knew this gift would require funds i turned it down.thinking maybe i would get a second chance .but as i thought about it more i realized that i did not beat myself up over it and that in it self was good for me.I realize we can stop ourselves from the new things that are in store for us by doubting ourselves based on lack of this or that.if you have had that same gift presented to you and you blew it! forgive yourself and move foward and learn that as long as you keep moving foward it may come around again and you may be better prepared next time:)) take it easy on yourself!!:)

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