Monday, August 23, 2010

Where's the tissue when you need it.this song was beautiful then as it still is the fashion and the hoop earrings big enough to put a basketball through them.The 80's truly Rocked!!:)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More lovely pics of Rachel Stewart Jewelry

1. So how did you get started making jewelery`

Well, Last year I decided to ret to make some Peacock feather earrings just for fun, I already a blog so I put up a few to sell, and got a good response, I decided then that I would try to make more accessories..

Well, Last year I decided to ret to make some Peacock feather earrings just for fun, I already a blog so I put up a few to sell, and got a good response, I decided then that I would try to make more accessories..

2.What is your creative process like

I really dont have a process, things just come to mind, things I wish I saw in stores, things I dont really see anywhere else..

3.How do you come up with your ideas what inspires your pieces

my inspiration is simply out of what I personally like to wear, I like bold and unique things, things that are conversation pieces...

4.What made you want to start this business

I've always had an entreprenurial spirit, it really just progressed naturally, it was not a great big decision for me..I like to do it and I had all the tools I needed right in front of me..

5.Who are your personal style icons and why

growing up I wanted to be like look and dress like Phyllis Hymen, Patrice Rushen, Angela Winbush..real women who were naturally beautiful, they were always fully clothed and sophisticated, they werent little girls!

6.I love that you use african american icons in your pieces what gave you that idea

it's simply whats trendy right now, the style of the 90's is here, I graduated high school in 1990, I remember the Kente cloth, african medallions and other icons of African culture that were popular back then, People were really going back to their roots with fashion and music, Im kinda stuck there

7.wha's your favorite cd at the moment

well i dont listen to the radio or popular artist that are out now, I never heard a Keri Hilson song or Lady Gaga, I have no interest in hearing that..I collect records and most of my favorite music is from the 70's and 80's, I listen to Bryan Loren, Aquarian Dream, Norman Conners, Hall & oates..ets...I like quality music not popular music, there is a major difference.

8.what's your favorite thing to do

I love to go crate digging and shopping at thrift stores..thats a perfect day for me

what motivates you to stay in business

Being able to be a stay at home Mom is important to me, my son motivates me to work hard, I do this for him.

9.what do you do when you feel like you have hit a creative roadblock/how to you get past it

I dont do anything, I let it pass..I dont stress about that at all..just a reason for me to take a

10.what's a typical day like for you

I get my son off to school, do some chores, I may watch a movie on my computer and do some networking for a few hours, I work out on my trampoline and afterwards I get my orders ready for shipping, by then its time to cook life isnt exciting but I love it!

11.describe your artistic style

I dont like to do that...I let others describe me, I feel like its kind of limiting to describe myself to others, and I dont really know how to describe it..its just what I like basically.

12.what's the most difficult part of your business

I cant name anything about it thats difficult, its so easy to start a business now, everyone has a computer, everyone has a camera, thats basically all you need, you gotta network and get the word out..but nothing about it is hard.

13what's the best part in being in business for you

14.what advice would you give to other wanting to start their own business

Dont wait another day, you dont need a business plan, you dont need a fancy and exspensive website,
I only had ONE item to sell and a blog and paypal, both of which are free! you dont to beg a bank for a loan or rent a store, as a women now is the best time to start a business, there is no reason not to.

15.what do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur

being able to see my son get on and off that bus everyday! and being here for him as a mother and role model.

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