Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Please forgive me for not being on here in quite sometime I really do promise to do better.I'm going to be posting websites of women of color who also have there own line of greeting cards stationery etc.I think it's wonderful so many have started this journey into something that can take you on a ride of so many emotions .owning and starting your own business is no easy task and starting out you know there is never enough money or time in the day but you keep going Why? because you love what you do.people think you start a business cause you don't answer to anyone but nothing could be further from the truth it's alot of hard work.i hope to learn from these women their up and downs and what makes them want to stay in the game.So keep coming back for more exciting things here at My Girls studios:))

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  1. Ok, this is what I need to be doing! Thanks for posting. I'm going to add you to my blog roll!


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